Quality is in our nature, Kitu Shwari..!!


Kitui Flour Mills Limited (KFM) begins in a little known town of Mwingi. The birth of the company was the appended signature on the certificate of incorporation on 17th November, 1989.

As a private company, we aligned our vision towards providing great service and products to the Kenyan public at an affordable price. As time went by and growth overtook the structures at Mwingi town, we had to relocate to increase production to meet demand.

In 1995 Kitui Flour Mills packed its bags and re-located to its current location at Mombasa Town.

We pioneer ourselves as the best maize and wheat flour milling company in Kenya, with operations located in Mombasa with a total milling capacity of 1250 ton of wheat per day and 600 ton of maize per day.

Milling more than half a million tons of both maize and wheat annually; we analyze and carry out a wide range of product tests on both maize and wheat from all over the world before procuring with the objective of achieving consistent quality premium flour for our customers.

Kitui Flour Mills has more than 40 years in the flour milling business, we are able to impart our experience and knowledge to our customers to assist them in achieving the highest quality in flour products at minimal cost. With our expertise and technology, we are able to recommend and mill the flour according to customer’s specific requirements.

Our strategic intent and brand promise of growing together is reflected in our updates corporate identity.

  • Vision

    To direct the Company’s future growth towards a portfolio of diversified value-added products in Eastern Africa and beyond plus to inspire our stakeholders in offering healthy products and maintain leadership in food security in Kenya.


    Our mission is to provide innovative, branded and private label solutions in partnership with our customers and consumers in the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector via defined routes to market. This will be achieved through organic and acquisitive opportunities in chosen geographies. Our success is measured by our profitability and also by our ability to reinvent ourselves through our innovative products and leading brands.

  • Our Core Values

      • Our behavior reflects on the company
        Kitui Flour Mill Limited values integrity as the main basis for all work activities that must be embraced and adhered to by each and every individual in the company, thus benefiting the company itself and the communities in which it operates.

      • Our customers and stakeholders are our future and the future of our company.
        The commitment and promise to provide the best service possible is planted deeply into the minds and hearts of all individuals at Kitui flour Mills Ltd.

      • Our professionalism guarantees consistent innovation toward achieving excellence.
        As Kitui Flour Mills Limited we are well aware that only through the consistent development of skills, competence and professionalism within every member of the organization will certify warrant the distinction necessary to compete successfully.

      • Company profit enhances the welfare of all members of its organizational structure and the communities in which the company operates.
        Set targets reflect the levels necessary to achieve, to continue, to exist and develop sustainably on an individual and organizational level.

      • Our success is dependent on the collective energy, expertise and intellect of our team members. We foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. We strive to create a work environment where motivated team members can flourish and succeed to their highest potential.

  • Accreditation

    Unga wa Dola is now accredited as the best sifted premium flour by the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding; Superbrands. We stand for provision of quality and premium products - Unga wa Dola, Kitu Shwari!