about us - Kitui Flour Mills Limited
  • Our Story

    It was 1975 when Kitui Flour Mills first set base in a small town called Mwingi in the Eastern Region of Kenya as a wholesale company. It was not until 1987 that we started milling maize. Years later we now have several milling plants nationwide producing a wide range of nutritious products. Through our products we have been able to transform family meals and eventually homes. Throughout the years, the Kitui Flour Mills family has been united and fortified by love, loyalty, sharing and solidarity. We strive to unceasingly provide quality superior products.

    Our Vision

    To be Africa's Largest Milling Company.

    Our Mission

    To be the market leader through offering competitive products of superior quality

  • Asalam Aleikum

    Welcome to Kitui Flour Mills, the home of quality and nutritious products since 1982 made with love that binds us together into one big family. We have been consistent throughout the years as a result of your loyalty and trust in us. We are grateful to our staff, customers and ultimate consumers for choosing us to be a part of your family. Together we continue to flourish. We appreciate you.


    Salim Ahmed

    1. Over 30 Years

      30years of experience,

      Over 2000 staff

      number of staff

      Over 50

      total number of brands

      Over 500

      Turns per day milling

  • Core Values

    By observing these values we are able to deliver on our guarantess to our customers as well as stakeholders

    • Consistency
    • Loyalty
    • Innovation
    • Efficiency
    • Commitment
    • Team Work
  • Competency


    Kitui flour mills uses the Buhler technology in production and is one of the few that use the Sortex machine developed by Buhler in Kenya. The sortex machine is a multivision optical sorter that detects and removes multiple color defects, unwanted sizes and foreign materials during the cleaning process of maize grains. The Buhler technology ensures consistency in the milling process consequently consistent flour. It is the basis for a smooth and refining process and high yields. With this technology, we are able to automate our production ensuring that the plant is running 24/7 making our prduction process efficient.


    We have an established, modern, well equipped state of the art lab where we perform analytical research and method development at the highest level and accurately analyze a large number of samples on a daily.


    At Kitui Flour mills we us the Enterprise Resource Planning Software developed by the German company SAP SE. It incorporates modules that help run key business functions of management, that is, customer and business interaction. The system manages and centralizes data amongst the business units within the company. It eliminates discontinuity and redundancy in the business process. Ultimately, ensuring that the customer experience and satisfaction is not compromised.


    Vivo is a technology system software used by Kitui Flour Mills to track and ensure maximum use of resources for the growth of the company. The system is able to track the on-ground distribution of our products. With the help of this system we can tell the quantity of supply and demand of our products in a precise location.


    We have several depots nationwide, in Thika, Voi, Malindi, Lamu, Ukunda, Kilifi and Machakos, Kibwezi and Mwingi. In all our depots we have incorporated high technology software systems to help manage the resources and keep track our inventory. We also have trucks at our depots that transport and distribute the products to the local retailers and kiosk vendors.


    To develop and sustain the skills of our efficient team, we offer capacity building excises to maintain their competency within the organization. In addition to capacity