Chapati Recipe - Kitui Flour Mills Limited

Step 1

Put Flour, Salt, Oil in a bowl and mix

Step 2

Add hot water gradually and make it into a dough. Kneading as required.

Step 3

Leave covered for 20 minutes at room temperature

Step 4

Split into 12 equal balls, roll them out and apply ½ a tablespoon and let it rest 15 minutes.

Step 5

Roll out to ¼” thickness then place on heated pan to cook well on both sides while faintly applying oil.

Enjoy your tasty chapati with some beef curry.


3 cups Unga Wa Dola Premium All-purpose flour
1 tbsp of Sugar
1/2 tbsp of Salt
2 tbsp of Oil
1 3/4 to 2 cups of Hot water