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Baking The Difference


In the bold spirit of innovation and imagination that is ingrained in everything we do, there flourished a fine blend of perfectly textured flour that would twitch your home cooking experience when preparing your traditional staples. The artful mix of flour to acquire baking flour transfers way back from an island in Sweden where a grandmother was teaching her granddaughter how to make slagbrot, a velvety rye bread, just as she was taught to make it by her grandmother many years before. They made sweet and savory traditions where women came together to bake once every week in the community oven or knead and make bread for their families as they enjoyed making food using their hands. From savory pies to sweet buns, from crusty loaves to birthday cake, from old-world apple pie to peanut cookies to custard tarts, these recipes capture the age-old rhythm of turning simple ingredients into something wonderful to eat. Home Baking is a kind of humble art that rekindles the simple pleasure of working with your hands and with the help of the flour, it eases out the hustle of meeting competitive demands as a home cook and building trust in the process of strive, developing, and satisfying our pastry cravings. Indulge in your various pastry treats by using our Unga Wa Dola, Kitu Shwari! Or Jahazi, Captain Wa Jikoni All-purpose flour and re-invent your own home baker kitchen.