As consumers, finding products that are halal for consumption can be quite a hassle. The existing challenges are like:
• The existence of highly processed products and in the process, production is not done the halal way.
• The tedious process of going through a long list of ingredients to pick what is halal for consumption.
• Tracing the process of production to ascertain if it is halal.
With halal certification, consumers are now at ease. This is because it ensures products have followed the Islamic Shariah Laws and are suitable for consumption.
As a brand, we value your commitment to your faith thus we ensure our products are not only of quality but conform to your religious standards.
From the initial stage where our flour is harvested to the final stages where it is packed and transported, we ensure that the entire process is done the Halal way.
To confirm if the flour you purchase is Halal certified, check the seal and ensure it is intact. For any more inquiries contact us directly through our website or call us through 041 2496004