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Mapochopocho Kemkem!


Unga wa Dola is a household brand that is available across the country. Over 30 years the brand has managed to capture the hearts of many in both homes and businesses through their favourite meals.
Brand Slogan: Unga Wa Dola, Kitu Shwari!
Availability: Available in all leading supermarkets Countrywide.

We conducted a country-wide campaign “Krisi ya Mapochopocho which was all about the celebratory mood, the excitement that the festive season brings. It is all about people coming together to indulge in good food, laughter and create memories.

A typical Kenyan Christmas is when most families tend to get together because through out the year they have been up and down in search for livelihood, this time usually present a great time for family& friends to bond, either by travelling to upcountry to spend time with the parents or organizing friends and family get together.
Families visiting malls and recreational joints then during New Year celebrations most people tend to usher in new year in a religious settings or social joints.
But the common dominator in all these celebrations is FOOD, lots of food and BONDING.

Mapochopocho could mean variety or more; yaani zaidi and Unga wa Dola inawapa wana Dola Mapochopocho hii krismasi: Yaani, more food, more value, more excitement, more satisfaction. That’s the Mapochopocho feeling; the feeling of kupata zaidi.

We engaged our audience by painting a flashback story of how Christmas used to be through various media channels so as to bring out the excitement of having a wide variety of food, the excitement of coming together as family and friends and those funny incidents that used to happen over the holiday season. These flashback stories will bring a sense of nostalgia.