The Marketing Society of Kenya Awards 2021 - Kitui Flour Mills Limited

The Marketing Society of Kenya Awards 2021


Change is always bound to happen, so we moved with the cheese – MSK Awards 2021
Engaging with customers is important for any business. Ensuring that you keep the conversation going
by furnishing your customers with relevant information about both your products and your business.
Kitui Flour Mills has been transparent, vocal and honest on all its communication channels keeping a
close relationship with all its customers even during one of the most difficult times faced by both
businesses and individuals globally. The COVID-19 global pandemic severely affected the global
economy, causing significant reductions in income, a rise in unemployment, disruptions in
transportation and other destructive difficulties. Businesses were forced to adapt, be creative and find
innovative and effective ways to keep a float and continue providing quality services to their

Kitui Flour Mills found an exciting and innovative way to give back to its customers countrywide by
running a 3-month marketing campaign under the name, “Vuna Mamili Na Kitui Flour Mills”. This
campaign’s aim was to give all our customers an equal opportunity to become millionaires and win
other prizes that would help many get through this uncertain period.

The MSK Awards Gala 2021 took place on 3 rd December 2021 with the theme, “THIS YEAR THE
CHEESE MOVED. DID YOU MOVE WITH IT?” The MSK Awards is a recognition of real
excellence in marketing and aims to celebrate work that’s born in companies with cultures where
innovation and creativity thrive to grow business. We are truly honored and grateful to have taken
home an MSK Award, under the “Best Marketing Realignment through Covid (March 2021-October
2021) category and were the 2 nd Runner Up under the “Best Integrated Marketing Communication”
category. We are dedicated to giving our customers nothing but quality, nutritious products and great
services always. These awards are as a result of your loyalty and trust in us. Thank you for choosing
us to be part of your family, we are because you are.