Unga Wa Dola Premium Flour - Kitui Flour Mills Limited

Unga Wa Dola Premium Flour

Kwa Mapochopocho kem kem, Unga Wa Dola flour will provide and produce quality food for a good mood for the whole family.
Pata Zaidi kwa kila pakiti.

Unga Wa Dola flour is milled with the finest wheat for the ultimate savory filing. We have Premium Maize flour, Premium All-purpose flour, Premium Chapati flour and Premium Atta-Mark 1 flour. Your ideal combination with Unga Wa Dola Ugali, Pastries, Chapati’s, Samosa, Mahamri’s, and rich grain rottis; is the perfect start to getting more for the fullness of the whole family.

Available Sizes: